Product power : Lamp power:350W Total power:680W

Input Volt: AC100V-260V,50/60Hz

Lighting source:OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 330/YODN 350W/OSRAMPlatinum bubbles can be selected

Beam Angle:: Pan beam angle1°~3°,Spot zoom angle12.8-60°,5 meters of white spot diameter of 3.5 meters, 1.9 meters in diameter spot prism, prism superposition spot diameter of 3.2 meters

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Strobe: pulse strobe, synchronous and asynchronous frequency flash strobe 1-26 times per second speed.

Fixed color: 1 fixed color wheel has 14 color film + white light, with 2 CTO and 1 CTB, can be half color effect, linear color conversion and bidirectional variable speed rotation rainbow effect

Dynamic Gobos: a rotation pattern wheel 12 optional plug-in design + white, pattern rotation diameter: 12mm in diameter: 11mm, can customised logo requirements, speed jitter / bidirectional flow effect, the pattern index function and 16bit fine-tuning accuracy

Static Gobos: 1 fixed pattern wheel has 17 patterns + white light (new design), variable speed jitter / bidirectional flow effect

Prism : 2 independently rotating prism, wherein a prism with zoom function, double prism combination can be generated 24/32/48/80 a clear and sharp beam effect, the standard is 16 arris prism + 32V and can overlay the 48 prism, can also be equipped with 8+16/16+24/24+32 prism;

Zoom : high precision glass optical lens, electronic linear focus, can be 5 meters every clear regulation effect;

Frost: an independent atomization effect, soft spot natural, and can realize linear zoom, zoom in degrees of the angle 2.8-2.8-60. 5 meters atomized spot 3 meters in diameter.