The whole alloy aluminum plate CNC precision carving process + high precision laser sheet metal cutting technology
Anodized fine surface treatment + drawing process
German imported professional mechanical keys
Custom style button cap, multi-layer compound spray oil technology, super anti-wear, anti-leakage
American optical encoder, smooth handle, high - precision positioning
CNC high precision CNC machining, anodic oxidation technology, alloy aluminum encoder cap
Custom damper, screen Angle adjustment support structure
Lightweight small size design, easy to carry
Core parts PCB full board sinking technology
Industrial grade accessories, strict selection, ensure maximum stability guarantee

Electrical parameters:
Motherboard: Intel i3CPU
120GB SSD, 4GB memory
HDMI hd display protocol 17.3 inch high resolution1920*1080 LCD screen
Taiwan capacitor touch screen and touch driver
Control Settings:
4 attribute coding wheel (integrated key function), 1 main push-rod (60mm manual)
2 AB faders (100mm manual) and 6 program playback faders (60mm manual)
12 program storage function keys, 6 execution keys, 6 page keys
Full specification command key area
4 USB interfaces (type A)
1 backup USB input interface (type B)
1 MIC audio input interface, 1 stereo output interface
1 LTC input interface
2 DMX-512 output interface, 1 DMX-512 input interface (composite output function)
1 gigabit network interface, 1 MIDI input interface, 1 MIDI output interface"


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