10 steps to maintain your stage lights

Moving head preventive maintenance is really important and needs to be a scheduled event. Scheduling preventative maintenance on a quarterly basis is a great way to make sure to cover the needs of both types of fixtures.

A moving light is basically a robot with an oven in the center. Even if it is an LED fixture it still produces heat. Therefore, the cooling fans are critical. If your fans fail, your moving light will cook on the inside and lamps, LEDs, motors, and wires will all suffer.”

Please follow the 10 steps to maintain your moving head. Before you do anything else, turn off the power completely to any dimmers, racks or power distros.

1. Check the power

2. Check the fans.

3. Clean the optical components.

4. Check the cable connections.

5. Clean the base.

6. inspect the wires that connect to the lamps and make sure that they are still looking like new and are corrosion-free.

7. check gobos and colors.

8. For discharge lamps, be proactive and replace the lamp after its rated lifetime.



As lights get older, your maintenance costs go up, just like owning a car.

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