8 steps to choose a led par cans

At present, there are countless stage lighting manufacturers on the market, and the prices quoted by various manufacturers of lighting products are far apart, which makes the buyers dazzled.LED Par Lights are common in the market, and most are familiar with them. It is an indispensable part of the stage lighting system. Each looks the same surface.

The structure of LED lamps mainly includes the following parts: led, heat sinks, power supplies, fans, mainboards, housings, lenses, wires, etc. To make the price low, they have to work hard on the material.

1, the led

The price of LED is uneven on the market. Why are some lights sold so cheaply, and some led par lights have a price difference of several dozen times? In fact, it is tricky.

First of all, its material is definitely the worst. For example, the welding wire is replaced by copper wire instead of gold wire. The bracket is made of recycled material or scrap. The raw materials are not judged by the consumers. Only after the use is the problem is slowly exposed come out.

The second is to increase power usage. Originally, the normal power of the lamp bead may be only 1W, 0.75W, and the power is added to 3W, which is beyond the scope of use. The initial brightness is very high, but the attenuation is very fast, and it is dark in a few months.

Again, the virtual standard power, the standard is 3W lamp beads, the actual standard is to take 1W or 0.75W lamp beads instead, or even lower, this consumer is generally not tested.

2, the heat sink

When the lamp is illuminated, a part of the electric energy is converted into heat energy, and the heat sink is poor, which directly affects the service life of the led par can lights

the consumer can open the housing to check the LED Par Light heat sink. Nowadays, many led par 64 lights on the market are equipped with small and very thin heat sink, and even many merchants do not install heat sink at competitive prices.

Everyone knows that there is no heat sink in a high-powered par 64 led stage lights. How to ensure good heat dissipation? How can we ensure stable operation when led par 64 lamp is fully lit for a long time?

3, the power supply

Many low-priced power supplies on the market are virtual standard or can not fully drive the rated power of 180W par light (indicating 108W low-cost power supply), in fact, consumers can easily identify the quality of the power supply.

The transformer and power tube above the good brand power supply is relatively large in size, and the overall appearance is full and full of texture; the component arrangement and production process are relatively good, and the overall look is clean and beautiful.

Low-cost and unsecured power supply design can cut corners, save provinces and electronic components are also useful for recycling materials, regardless of the safety and stability of actual use.

4, the motherboard

There are two types of drive boards on the market, one is the constant voltage drive board and the other is the constant current board. The constant current motherboard has high stability and the price is more than double that of constant voltage.

The low-voltage LED lamp is mostly used in the constant-voltage board. When the temperature of the lamp body rises, it cannot be protected, resulting in a significant loss of the service life of the LED lamp. It is also a cost-saving, the mainboard and the display board are integrated.

5, the body

Low-cost LED lamp with some impurities aluminum die-casting or thin aluminum or even plastic shell, low cost, very poor heat dissipation conditions.

led par lights spare parts, most of them use a cheap and old used fan.

In order to solve the heat dissipation problem, it has to increase the fan speed, so that the noise naturally goes up, and it is easy to damage the fan. If the fan speed is lowered, the noise is small, but the temperature of the lamp is also up.


The larger the diameter of the wire, the larger the cross-sectional area of the conductor and the higher the current can be transmitted. The final performance of the cable is good and stable.


last, if you encounter a manufacturer's led par wash lights that are 40% cheaper than other normal manufacturers, don't be confused at this time. Buying cheap things is what everyone expects, but with so much less than the market price, you should be more careful to confirm whether the parameters described by the supplier are true. Low-priced, outrageous products, regardless of the seller's reasons. Because of the low price and the cost are not enough, how can there be a guarantee of qualification?

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