How to install stage lightings

Stage lighting equipment is one of the indispensable equipment on the modern stage. When installed, the grouping of lamps and the selection of lighting control equipment is a key issue in the combination of art and technology.

Before the stage lighting is grouped, the selected lamps should be classified, and the grouping should be considered from the artistic conception, such as the color matching, the distribution of the lights and the atmosphere suitable for expressing, etc., and then the lights suitable for simultaneous lighting. (or color) is grouped in parallel and controlled by a switch (or a set of contacts of the lamp console and the chase). Safety issues must also be considered when grouping, and technically calculated to ensure that the total current (power) of the lamps after paralleling cannot exceed the rated current of the control switch or contact. The practice has proved that in small and medium-sized dance halls if the lighting group can reach more than ten groups and twenty groups, it can have strong expressiveness and variability; large dance halls and theaters are often used due to complicated stage lighting. Dozens or even hundreds of lighting groups can meet the requirements.

The lighting control equipment on the stage includes air switch, multi-way switchboard, chase lighter, multi-channel program console, multi-channel dimming station and circuit light controller specially equipped with computer lights. They each have their own characteristics, each suitable for controlling different types of luminaires and for different occasions.

Among them, the air switch has good arc extinguishing and protection performance, and the rated current ranges from 10A, 15A, 20A, up to several hundred amps to form a series. The air switch is not suitable for frequent on/off occasions, and is often used as a main switch or area switch, such as a dance floor, a stage light main switch, an air conditioner, an exhaust fan main switch, and also as an effect lamp for infrequent operation (such as a follow spot light, a neon light, The entire set of computer lights) switch.

 The rated power of each multiplex switchboard is generally 1500~2000W. It is suitable for controlling various types of lamps with their own changing functions, such as various types of rotating lights, voice-activated lights and various types of lamps that do not need frequent operation (such as purple tubes, hoods, etc.).

 The multi-way chase is actually a simple program controller, which is suitable for controlling some lamps that are cyclically changed according to a fixed program, such as string lights, coil lights, rainbow hose lights, and decorative lights that are turned on in turn on the stage steps.

The light console has many functions such as manual jog (light touch switch) and program control and voice control, so it is widely used in various entertainment places from low to high. The jog function of the light console can be used to replace the combination switch board to control various luminaires that have their own changing functions and do not require a frequent operation. The program control and voice control functions of the light console can be used to control some lamps that do not have the function of changing themselves and can only produce changes by adding control devices, such as "rainlight" groups that make up different patterns and different colors. It is worth noting that the program control function should not be used to control various lamps, such as rotating lights, scanning lights and strobe lights, which have their own rotation change function.

 The dimming station belongs to the higher-grade program console. In addition to the on-off control function, it also sets a number of thyristor dimming functions, so it is also called multi-channel dimming station. Usually, the dimming function is used to control the stage, some parts of the dance floor that need to be dimmed, and which do not have the function of changing themselves, in order to create a different atmosphere.

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