How to maintain stage lightings

First, keep it clean

The product is regularly maintained for 7 days.

2. wiping the optics carefully so that they work in a clean, clean area where the surface of the optics is easily scratched and brittle. Do not wipe the lamp housing with a solution, as it may cause damage to the plastic and coated surfaces.

3. Check the gas filter net regularly and clean it if it is blocked.

4. Clean the fan and vents regularly to ensure the cooling effect of the bulb.

5. Regularly check the appearance of the luminaire, whether the casing is securely installed, and whether the screws are all locked.

Second, wipe the optical components

1. Disconnect the power supply, allow the components to cool completely, and remove the lamp cover.

2. Use an air gun to blow off dust particles from the surface of the part.

3. Wipe off the surface of the component with a colorless soft cloth or cotton swab dipped in glass or distilled water. Do not scratch the surface. Wipe it a few times.

4. Use colorless paper cotton or cotton swab dampened with industrial alcohol to remove surface fumes (cleaning agents are limited to specified grades of acetone or 90% ethanol). The mirror is fragile, please don't use too much force.

5. The glass cleaning solution can also be used, but the scale must be removed with distilled water, gently wiped from the center to the edge with a clean soft cloth or blown off with an air gun.

Third, wipe the fan and vent

Use a soft brush, cotton swab, vacuum cleaner, air gun to remove surface dirt.

Fourth, clean or replace the air filter

1. Disconnect the power supply, loosen the two screws on each side with a screwdriver, remove the protective cover, and remove the vane.

2. Clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner or air gun, or replace them. If it is discolored by smoke stains, etc., soak it in soapy water and dry it.

3. Replace the vane or cover.

Five, replace the components

1. Do not short-circuit the temperature control switch or fuse directly. When replacing a defective temperature control switch or fuse, it must be replaced according to the original model and parameters of the original manufacturer.

2. Flammable raw materials (alcohol, gasoline, paper) should be at least 1 meter away from the lamp body to avoid igniting other flammable materials on the surface of the lamp.

3. The computer moving headlight is not a non-combustible item, so the surface cannot be approached for a long time within one meter.

4. Do not place filters or other objects on the 3 lenses in the lamp body.

5. The outer surface of the computer's moving head light becomes very hot during long-term use, so cool it to room temperature when replacing the lamp or other accessories.

6. Do not use accessories that are not approved by the manufacturer to repair or install the fixture.

7. If using a high-efficiency LED light source, do not replace the light source during use.

Sixth, the cleaning, and replacement of the light bulb

1. Attention! Do not touch the quartz glass body of the bulb directly with your hand.

2. When cleaning the lamp, your fingers must be clean and oil-free. Wipe the lamp with alcohol and then polish it with a clean cloth. Be careful not to accidentally touch the lamp and wait until the alcohol has completely evaporated before installing the lamp.

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