Important tips to use led par light

LED Par Light, use LED as lighting source, and compared with traditional Par, with much more richer color effects, is now very popular stage lights. What tips should pay attention to when use the LED PAR? Let we william stage lighting help you to unravel this puzzle.

It is understood, LED par lights are high power, high temperature, so avoid harming themselves and others when using .  Note the following four points: 1. Please do not let this light near water or other liquids. 2. please do not put lights installed in high temperature environments. not stare into the beam, otherwise it will hurt your eyes. 4.make sure the power supply has been cut off when do maintenance and then repair the light. Note that the above points only, in order to ensure the safe and efficient to use your LED PAR lights. Principles of design stage lighting to follow

Stage lighting design issues need to be considered in every performance, which is part of the show, it can help shape the role, create an atmosphere, it has a very important weight. Therefore, today we tell you about the stage lighting design principles which must be followed. 1. Space design, to create a free full space for set up stage lighting, suitable for all lighting requirements. 2. Improve anti-interference ability and safety for the lighting equipment systems, which are important indicators of lighting design. 3. Energy, now it is an exquisite green era, so new energy-efficient lamp of the lighting equipment should also be taken into account when we selects. 4. The space of the system should be enough memory, which is to ensure that the system can continue to run. 5. The introduction of digital signal DMX512 network technology, the lights transform more freedom

Why your LED Par Light bulb easily burned out?

LED par light is one of the stage lighting in lighting design type, so sometimes using improper methods it is likely to cause the bulb to burn out. Here we manufacturer remind you to focus the situations that LED Par Light bulb easily burned out. 1. The operator mistakenly made the signal and power lines wrong connected, after power on it will result in a string of lights burned. 2. When it rains did not do waterproofing work in advance, water come into the head of the signal , the signal will string lights burned. 3. Use of poor quality or not optically isolated amplifier technology leakage, so that light signal into the strong electric, light bulb will burn. 4. If the system is installed in appalling conditions, power lines and signal lines are not implemented good isolation, the situation will cause interference signals, random lamps will not work properly. Therefore, the use of LED PAR process to do certain defensive measures to prevent the emergence of some of these situations.

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