4ways to save your stage lightings

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

We are sure to be attracted by the gorgeous stage lighting when we watch the charming performance, and the current stage lighting design of the auditorium is amazing. In today's lighting design knowledge, we would like to see with you on the auditorium stage lighting control of some related issues.

First: when the light bulb is cold if the light engineer suddenly flashes the light, it is likely to cause the light bulb to burst, or cause the tungsten wire of the light bulb to fuse.To solve this problem, the engineer should push the thruster of the console only a little .when the light bulb is in a cold state (before the beginning of the game). Make the light bulb slightly bright.

Second: lighting engineers should remember not to push full of the dimmer, and then turn on the power of the silicon box. If the engineers violate the rules, the result is still the fault in the first problem above.

Third: when switching equipment, stage lighting engineers must remember not to reverse the order of the lighting console and the power supply of the silicon box.It is normal to damage equipment in the wrong order of operation.

fourth: when changing the bulb, touch the bulb directly by hand, which will affect the finish of the bulb, and another hidden hazard is to cause the bulb to burst.The technique we use in this step is to put on gloves before touching the bulb when changing the bulb.If you do not have gloves, wrap them in sponge, plastic paper or soft paper towels that wrap the bulb, and be sure to remove them after installation so as not to start a fire when the bulb is lit.

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