What's stage lighting

Stage lighting is the craft of lighting as it applies to the production of theater, dance, o

pera and other  perfomance arts.

[1] Several different types of stage lighting instrument are used in this discipline.

[2] In addition to basic lighting, modern stage lighting can also include special effects, such as laser  and fog machines. People who work on stage lighting are commonly referred to as lighting equipments.

The equipment used for stage lighting (e.g., cabling, dimmers, lighting instruments, controllers) are also used in other lighting applications, including corporate events,concerts, trade shows, broadcast television, film production, photographic studios, and other types of live events. The personnel needed to install, operate, and control the equipment also cross over into these different areas of “stage lighting” applications. 

In my understanding is that stage lighting is to illuminate her / their beauty. For dancers, performers, stage lighting is to contrast their performance art, so that the audience with light, you can better appreciate the meaning of the program. For the company conference speakers, stage lighting is just a background, so that the audience is more focused on the speaker’s content, rather than monotonous just listen to a person in the speech. For the wedding scene, it is more to illuminate the beauty of Sina and the bride, because all the focus is that they are the happiest day of the people. For some other, such as movies, TV interviews and other programs,stage lighting, whether it is design, layout, are to make the center point to show better.

The earliest stage lighting form was the early Greek mythology (later the Roman) of the theater. The earliest known form of stage lighting was during the early Grecian (and later the Roman) theatres. They are using natural light to illuminate the stage. New playhouses were built in England and their large sizes called for more elaborate lighting. Then, new playhouses were built in England and their large sizes called for more elaborate lighting. So they use candles and chandeliers to illuminate the stage. After the development of artificial lighting and limelight, eventually it was displaced by electrical lighting. So we have the stage lighting stage.

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